Professional Training

Explore our professional training programs for optimal performance in the workplace.

Discover our range of courses designed to maximize the efficiency and performance of your employees and your company. Our training covers a wide range of relevant topics, from skill development in management to a deep understanding of HR issues in the business.

Professional Training Offer and Targeted Objectives

Our Training: For Whom and For What

Public target of our training

Our training is intended for:

  • Companies of all sizes and sectors
  • Executives, for a better mastery of HR challenges and effective management
  • Managers, to strengthen their managerial skills and communication
  • Employees, to develop their talents
  • HR Managers and Officers, for constant updates on HR developments, acquiring or developing professional skills, and adopting the appropriate posture
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Common Challenges of Our Clients

In a constantly evolving professional world, our training meets the specific needs of companies, executives, managers, employees, and HR professionals. Companies must adapt continuously, manage talent, optimize their HR management, and comply with ever-changing legislation. Leaders must maintain their skills in management, communication, and quality relationships to keep their teams motivated.

Managers may face various challenges requiring specific training. Experts and collaborators must maintain their knowledge and skills and excel in their field. For all these reasons, our services provide concrete solutions to these challenges while promoting a culture of continuous learning within the company.

Key Objectives of Our Training Programs

We offer training to:

  • Develop your knowledge and skills in HR and management
  • Improve the quality of your professional relationships and the motivation of your teams
  • Optimize the management of your human resources
  • Prevent risks and stay in compliance with current legislation

Our Training Offers

  • HR Function Training: Specific training for executives, managers, and HR professionals aiming to master HR challenges.
  • Management and Communication Training: Strengthen your skills in management and communication to motivate and inspire your team.

Advantages of Our Training

  • Tailor-made intra-company training, adapted to your specific needs
  • Possibility of individual or group training, depending on your preferences
  • Flexibility in terms of duration and location of training
  • Financing assistance. Our training organization is QUALIOPI certified
    Assistance in setting up your financing files with your OPCO
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Training Locations

Our training can be conducted:

  • On your premises, to facilitate access to training: we come to you.
  • In our premises, in Nogent-sur-Marne (94) or Paris (75).
  • Remotely, via video conferencing, for greater flexibility

Examples of Training

Here are some examples of training that we offer:

  • HR (human resources) Essentials for executives
  • Coach’s tools for executives and managers
  • Communicate assertively
  • Know yourself better to manage better 

You can consult the details of these training programs, as well as the educational objectives, in the dedicated section of our website or by contacting us directly by email or phone.

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QUALIOPI Certification

Our company is a QUALIOPI certified training organization.
This certification guarantees the quality of the training we offer.

Performance indicators from 2023 to June 2024
on our training activity:
Satisfaction percentage: 99%
Recommendation percentage: 99%

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Consult our Qualiopi certification

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