my mission

Boosting the potential
of executives and facilitating the development of their companies

Supporting leaders of SMEs, startups, mid-sized enterprises (ETI), and large corporations, both in France and abroad, I am by your side during the transformations and organizational changes in your company. After 20 years of experience in Human Resources in leadership positions in both France and International contexts, Human Déclic is born in 2022. It is the result of my deep desire to support leaders in their professional development and fulfillment. 

2 Pillars of Support


Developing an HR strategy and deploying it operationally and effectively


Overcoming challenges inherent in your role by revealing your potential and talents

Christine Martin Coach Human Déclic

Certified in coaching and support tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis, I help you step back from often complex situations so you can find solutions and make the best decisions with confidence. Difficulties are opportunities for development.

My challenge is to change your perspective on the difficulties that arise, viewing them from a different angle and thereby opening up new opportunities. 

Human Declic

Human Declic From international to the "decisive moment"

Human Déclic
Support for a serene transformation and the realization of your dreams

I created Human Déclic to help leaders make company transformations comfortable,
accelerate their professional evolution, and achieve their dreams.

Openness and Progress

Human, for humanity, obviously, and a nod to the international environment in which I have immersed myself.
Déclic, to illustrate the mechanisms of progress, awareness that unlock situations, find solutions, and discover new perspectives. The trigger that will generate actions, change, and the expected results.

From the challenges of leadership to the strength of support

As an HR Director, I experienced the various phases of company transformation (creation, growth, closure),
and I am well acquainted with the solitude of leaders, especially in difficult times. I am convinced that being supported is a true accelerator of success and well-being. It enables you to achieve your goals with maximum efficiency and serenity.
That is my mission today.

« Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass but about learning to dance in the rain.»

My Approach, My Values



Every mission, every support begins with an exchange aimed at establishing this climate of mutual trust. It is an essential element of my professional approach.



To make progress, let's lay our cards on the table: the more exchanges are both sincere and compassionate, the more effective the work will be in the long run.



My intention is to respond to needs/issues with concrete and tailored solutions. I want my work to have a result; I have a very pragmatic and solution-oriented approach.



It is important to reduce tension in a situation. My expertise, external perspective, and proposed solutions contribute to spreading it (serenity).

Foundations of Expertise Training

Foundations of Expertise Training

The defining stages of my career

A journey in international structures on a human scale that are constantly evolving within large groups.

From 2000 to today:

+     Manager of Human Déclic, HR Consultant France and International, Professional Development Coach, Skills Assessment Consultant, Trainer (Management / HR / Mental Health) at Human Déclic

+     HRBP (Human Resources Business Partner) France and EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) at FTI

+     Human Resources Manager France and EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) at Autodesk

+     Director of Human Resources France and Italy at Halfords Media France

+     HRBP (Human Resources Business Partner) and Training Manager France at StateStreet Banque

+     Human Resources Development Manager at The Walt Disney Company

+     Human Resources Manager at Honeywell