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HR expertise to optimize your human resources management

Welcome to the HR Expertise page, dedicated to companies and organizations of all sizes seeking to optimize their human resources management. Whether you are an SME or a large company, our customized services adapt to your needs and specific context.

Our services are designed to address the challenges faced by leaders and managers dealing with complex issues such as recruitment, talent retention, skill development, compensation, employee’ relations, working conditions, and compliance with regulatory changes. We cater to leaders and entrepreneurs in the growth phase who want to structure and develop their human resources services.

We support your transformation.

Recruitment, Talent Retention, Skill Development, Compensation, Social Dialogue, and Regulatory Compliance

HR Services for Executives and Managers

Structuring and Development of HR Services

Our services are designed to address the challenges faced by leaders and managers dealing with complex issues such as recruitment, talent retention, skill development, compensation, social dialogue, working conditions, and compliance with regulatory changes. We cater to leaders and entrepreneurs in the growth phase who want to structure and develop their human resources services.

structurer ses ressources humaines
Expertise RH Human Declic

HR services designed to meet the challenges of leaders and managers

Our goal is to support you in creating a harmonious and high-performing work environment where you and your teams feel fulfilled, and skills are valued and developed. By leveraging our HR expertise, you benefit from tailored support to improve your processes and enhance the quality of your workplace relationships while respecting legal and regulatory obligations.

Integrate and Retain Your New Employees

We assist you in implementing onboarding processes and training adapted to the new realities of remote and in-person work, facilitating the adaptation of new employees and ensuring their long-term well-being and motivation. Leveraging our HR expertise, we are determined to help you overcome recruitment challenges and thrive despite current uncertainties.

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Recruitment Strategy Adapted to Your Company and the Market

Given the serious recruitment challenges we have faced since the COVID-19 epidemic, we are fully aware of the additional challenges that companies must overcome to attract and retain talent. To help you overcome these obstacles, we adapt our recruitment strategies, taking into account the current context and the changing needs of employees and employers.

We carefully analyze employment market trends and candidate expectations regarding flexibility, security, and quality of work life. We work with you to design attractive job offers and develop innovative sourcing and recruitment methods that reach a broader and more diverse audience.


"The only limits to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today."

Secure Your HR Practices, Your Obligations

We start with an audit of your HR practices before offering you a tailor-made action plan. This audit provides an overview and allows you to have recommendations to define priorities together and establish a schedule of actions to be taken.

Support Management

  • In HR management for France 
  • When taking on a team leadership role in France
  • In upskilling your HR team in France
  • HR Mentoring (for junion HR Manager in France)

Develop Your Employees' Skills

  • Skills Management / Training Plan / Implementation 
    • End-to-end management of your training plan and skills development
    • Needs identification, plan drafting, development of funding files
    • Implementation of annual performance reviews and professional interviews

Recruit and Integrate Your Talents

We help you find talents that will build the success of your company and create an onboarding process.

  • Development of job descriptions and interview grids
  • Interview support
  • Creation of onboarding paths

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

We set up custom HR management processes and tools.

  • HR services and solutions tailored to your needs, at the right time and cost, by a professional expert
  • Protect Your Cash Flow: We help you use all available financing means.

Protect your cash flow

We help you use all available financing methods.

Implement solutions allowing you to limit your budgets and the amount of your mandatory contributions while remaining compliant

Outsourced HR Services, Flexible,and Customizable

Recruitment and Employee Integration Services

  • Audit, exploration, and identification of effective recruitment channels
  • Creation of personalized job descriptions and occupation sheets
  • Implementation of interview grids to facilitate decision-making
  • Interview support to maximize results
  • Development of a new employee integration process and welcome booklet
formation des salariés

Training and Skills Development

  • End-to-end support for creating your training plan
    • Complete management tailored to your goals
    • Needs identification, plan establishment, obtaining funding, and complete file setup
  • Implementation of annual performance reviews and professional interviews (creation of supports for employees and management, communication, training)
  • Tailored HR training and HR mentorship for personalized support

Management Consulting and Work Organization

  • Help with work organization, team management, and social dialogue
  • Support in implementing an effective and sustainable HR strategy
  • Support for managers (legal obligations, relations/communication with employees)
  • Conflict and end-of-contract management
  • Change management for smooth transitions
conseil en management et organisation du travail
conformité RH réglementaire

France - Regulatory Compliance and Implementation of Best Practices

  • Social audit: assessment of the existing, identification of points of vigilance and major points of improvement
  • Development of an action plan for compliance, support for implementation
  • Implementation, update of the unique document to ensure the safety of your employees
  • Elections of CSE (staff representatives committee) members and support for meetings

Compensation and Benefits Adapted to the Market

  • Audit, identification of necessary actions for a fair and equitable salary policy
  • Implementation of a compensation policy, salary scale, and social benefits (insurance contracts, health, retirement, profit-sharing, exempt bonuses, etc.)

Optimization of Personnel Administration Management

  • Audit of existing processes and identification of improvement areas
  • Identification of improvement areas
  • Optimization of processes for efficiency gains and cost reduction

HR Mentorship

Personalized support to improve skills and develop potential. We provide HR experts, trainers, and coaches to ensure your success.

Mentorat RH

In conclusion, using our outsourced HR service offers many advantages for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. By entrusting us with the management of your human resources, you benefit from the expertise and skills of our dedicated professional team, while reducing your operational costs and focusing on your core business.

Our tailor-made support enables you to optimize your recruitment, integration, training and management processes, adapting them to your company’s specific challenges and to changes in the job market. With our customized solutions, you can enhance the attractiveness of your employer brand and build employee loyalty, while ensuring compliance with current regulations.

Our outsourced HR services are designed to help you meet the challenges of recruitment and talent management, regulatory constraints and social dialogue in a constantly changing working environment. Investing in a partnership with our team of HR experts is an investment in the success and longevity of your business.

Don’t wait any longer to give new impetus to your human resources management! Contact us today to discuss your needs and find out how our outsourced HR expertise can transform your business. Together, we’ll do our utmost to optimize and facilitate your human resources management in this ever-changing world.